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Temp-To-Hire: Your Company’s Strategy to Building a Strong Permanent Workforce

Temp hires are often a necessity for many types of companies. 

However, unless it’s absolutely necessary (e.g., the need for larger seasonally-based rosters), most businesses would prefer to avoid the turnover and inconsistency. 

A permanent workforce brings many benefits to employers. Namely, you don’t need to waste valuable resources constantly training new people. 

But high-volume staffing presents a difficult obstacle in front of any desired permanence. It’s always challenging to match quantity with quality when you’re bringing on such a sizeable roster of workers. 

For the above reason, 10% to 20% of the workforce at larger-sized companies is temporary. Given these organizations wish to establish a more permanent talent roster, they must change their recruitment strategy. 

Namely, the temp-to-hire approach appears to be one high-volume staffing solution that’s recruiting top-notch talent in droves. Better yet, these excellent performers will actually stick around. 

What is the Temp-To-Hire Model? 

Really, the temp-to-hire model is self-explanatory. The idea is that a business will bring on a temporary worker with the eventual idea of giving them full-time employment. 

This model works in contrast to an employee who prefers bouncing from gig to gig. Essentially, in the temp-to-hire model, the “temp” period is a trial to see if someone fits with a given company. 

Initially, temp-to-hire candidates work directly for the staffing agency versus the company they’re “trying out” for. These contracts are clearly defined for short-term positions. During that time, the employee and employer can decide if it’s a proper match for the long haul. 

In short, temp workers are only meant for short-term needs, such as bringing on a helping hand during the holidays. Whereas a temp-to-hire is brought on board with the future in mind. 

Why Does the Temp-To-Hire Model Benefit Employers?

The temp-to-hire model is low-risk and high-reward. If things don’t work out, employers can try again at a minimal cost. 

With this approach, businesses aren’t paying the “temp” during their trial period. Really, the onus is placed on the given recruitment agency to bring on talent that offers value--or else they’ll keep paying temporary salaries to candidates who eventually fail. 

Provided the temp-to-hire candidate works out, the employer takes on the salary--but the employee in question is now a proven commodity. They’ve “passed their test,” so to speak, and there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. 

Companies employing high-volume workforces benefit from this approach because of how many people they bring on board. 

It’s not cost-efficient to keep paying and training 10% to 20% of a talent roster that won’t stick around. But it’s also unwise to pay people to stick around who aren’t a good fit. 

The temp-to-hire model provides a perfect middle ground to organizations that hire in high volumes. 

Temp-to-Hire Showing Tremendous Value During Pandemic Recovery

Businesses are hesitant about bringing on permanent staff while recovering from the damage done by shutdowns. 

All the same, talent is needed to drive productivity and increase revenue during the recovery. Furthermore, there’s the need to think about the future. A permanent workforce offers stability, even if these are unstable times. 

Temp-to-hire agencies give recovering businesses the breathing room they need. During the temporary trial period, owners can assess the current landscape and work toward making permanent hires. 

After the temp period is finished, hiring calls can be made. But owners will have had enough time to make an informed decision that makes financial sense for their business. 

Are You Interested in the Temp-to-Hire Model for Your High-Volume Staffing Needs? Then Work With an Expert.

At Bear Staffing, we’re experts at both high-volume and temp-to-hire staffing. 

If you’re interested in this approach and the many benefits it offers, contact Bear Staffing today, and learn what we can do for you. 

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