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Recruiting for Success: Go Inverted

Why are recruiters so focused on finding jobs that fit job-seekers? It should be the other way around. Recruiters should be finding the right people who fit the job.

An Inverted Recruiting Model could be the secret to how recruiters can better serve their employers and job seekers.

When Bear Staffing developed the Inverted Recruiting Model, it improved the whole process of serving clients and job seekers and continues to deliver incredible results for the long term. If your business would benefit from a different approach and better results, read on to discover what an Inverted Model is all about. 

Inverted Recruiting: Begin With the Job 

An Inverted Recruiting Model is more than just semantics. By using a more exclusive approach to talent acquisition, recruiters are more equipped to find better candidates for available openings.

With Inverted Recruiting, the focus is on finding the right candidate fit for the job. Beginning with the job, recruiters would then take into consideration the right skills and requirements needed. Then, from a pool of candidates who’ve been vetted with a more rigorous process, fill the position. 

Key recruiting is all about identifying the harder-to-define characteristics of truly great talent. But when recruiters get their formula right, it can create lasting placements that can have a far greater impact for much longer than simply filling the role with fresh talent. 

A Better “On-Deck Roster” With Inverted Recruiting

The shift in focus to the needs of the job does not mean candidates are a lesser priority in Inverted Recruiting. Rather, it’s a different way of nurturing and selecting talent that could help to create a far more robust on-deck crew of talent. Here’s how an exclusive vetting process can lead to a stronger pool of talent at the ready.

More rigorous, online application process

Any candidate can fill out an application. A more rigorous online application is better at filtering out applicants who haven’t kept up with technology.

Asking better questions

Many recruiters are having candidates fill out productivity profiles. Asking the right questions can help to identify the traits of more productive and reliable employees.

Centralized recruitment for speed an accuracy

When recruiters oversee the entire recruitment process they’re held to account for an end-to-end candidate experience. Centralized recruiting helps ensure mistakes aren’t made by passing candidates off from one recruiter to another. 

Better recruits mean less turnover

Shifting the focus from filling the position to finding the right candidates increases the chances of a good match. Better matches save everyone’s time and money.

When recruiters interview and vet their talent apart from a job opening, they’re able to get a clearer picture of their talent – their skills and capabilities – without possible contamination that comes from bending the requirements of the job to meet the candidate.

Lasting Results Means Less Turnover

As a business, you trust your recruiter to not waste your time. Regular recruiters may be filling much needed vacancies, but for how long? The math is simple. One employee “in role” for even one year is better than multiple employees in two. With less turnover, businesses are able to avoid:

  • Wasted time and money from repeated re-training
  • Wasted productivity from less experienced employees
  • Frequent lapses in talent before replacements can be found
  • A less stable workforce of employees who lack commitment to their role
  • A damaged brand by becoming an “employee mill” with high-turnover

When recruiters begin with the job, and seek to fill it with the right candidate, the amount of time and money saved by a lower turnover could increase exponentially.

Go Inverted For A Better Way

Every employer knows there is no sure-fire way to solve for the unpredictable nature of maintaining a workforce. There will always be challenges caused by turnover, value of work, lapses in productivity and so on. But thinking differently about how to recruit can go a long way to reduce unnecessarily wasted time and money. 

If you’re interested in how an inverted model can save you time and money, contact the recruiting professionals at Bear Staffing. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business grow in a new and better way.

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