Manufacturing Position Spotlight: Slitter Operator

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If you're looking to fill slitter operator jobs at your manufacturing firm or warehouse, you will need to find an experienced and qualified candidate to set up and operate a slitting machine according to all safety guidelines and protocols. This is a skilled job that requires certain characteristics to prevent injuries and damage in the workplace setting. Here's a closer look at some of the key responsibilities and traits of a slitter operator.

Slitter Operator Job Responsibilities

Slitting machines can only be used with special operating procedures, so the slitter operator must understand these procedures while complying with OSHA and other safety regulations. The slitting machine cuts plastic, paper and other materials to a certain size and configuration. The slitter operator must follow guidelines to ensure all materials meet certain specifications. These guidelines may be provided as a checklist or work order for the operator to review before starting the performing assigned duties. Slitter operators may also be required to document tasks and log time worked on the manufacturing floor.

Key Traits of a Successful Slitter Operator

Since this is a hands-on job that may require standing and sitting or long periods of time, slitter operators must be able to concentrate and have good coordination. They must be able to set the machines to certain specifications and be prepared to perform quality checks. They may also be required to perform routine maintenance duties and review updated safety standards and guidelines.

Slitter operators must be able to comply with company safety standards and complete compliance training. Even though the tasks of this role are independent in nature, the operator may be required to take direction from a manager or supervisor and complete tasks in a high-stress work environment.

Conducting a background check and drug screening are important steps of the employment screening process. Candidates must be willing to submit to these checks before the hiring process can continue.

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Key Takeaways:
  • Slitter operators must comply with OSHA and company safety standards.
  • The hiring process for slitter operators includes a background check and screening process.
  • Even though the role is independent in nature, slitter operators must be able to follow guidelines and proper protocol.

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