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It's Not Them, It's You: Addressing High Turnover In Your Organization

Excessive turnover can significantly impact companies that rely on high volume staffing to run their operations. Workforce gaps can have a direct effect on productivity levels, revenue streams, and profitability. Additionally, a high quit rate can burden existing employees, causing increased levels of stress and burnout that may eventually lead to (you guessed it) — more turnover. 

Most Companies With High Turnover Blame Employees — Only To Realize They Are The Reason Staff Keeps Quitting

Companies often assume that employees are to blame for high turnover rates — but this isn't always the case. It's easy for employers to assign fault to workers leaving the organization. However, statistics show that over 75% of voluntary turnover is preventable. To truly get to the core issue of turnover, employers must be willing to take an honest inventory of their practices, offerings, and work environment to determine why even their most dedicated workers keep fleeing in droves. 

Bad Hiring Practices Can Cost Employers Their Best Workers

Many hiring managers at large organizations don't realize that turnover prevention often begins in the hiring process. Some factors in your hiring practices that could be driving an exceptionally high turnover rate include: 

Hiring Under Pressure

Keeping pace with the staffing pressures of maintaining a large workforce is a full-time job. It's easy to get trapped in a reactive hiring/staffing under pressure cycle that can mismanage expectations for both employee and employer before an offer has been made. Employees may feel like what they were promised during the interview process doesn't align with their actual daily responsibilities, prompting an untimely exit from the position. 

Delays in Feedback / Offer 

Today's manufacturing and warehouse employees are in high demand. As a result, workers often have several choices when choosing job opportunities. Any delays in your hiring and interview process can cost you the most talented, motivated, and committed workers, leaving only the employees more likely to quit remaining in the talent pool. 

Low Pay Rate

In today's highly competitive manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution job market, pay rates have been steadily increasing. Additionally, large industry giants, such as Amazon, have consistently driven up pay rate increases over the last several years. As a result, workers for companies who hire at scale go into the interview process with very specific compensation expectations. Beyond pay rate alone, they also often require a generous benefits package to add to their final compensation package. 

Companies that fail to meet current market expectations with pay can find themselves struggling to backfill open positions in the organization. Also, low pay rates instantly put companies at a disadvantage for hiring the best and most motivated workers. Finally, if an employee does take a job at a lower rate, it is often just a temporary fix. As soon as they can secure a position at a better rate, they will give notice, leaving your organization with an even higher turnover rate to adjust. 

High Volume Staffing Firms Can Help Reduce Turnover for Companies Hiring at Scale

Working with a high-volume staffing firm can help adjust your hiring process to increase access to the best candidates and lower overall turnover rates. A competent recruiting agency will modify your hiring process, eliminate unnecessary delays, and adjust pay rates based on market demand to keep the best candidates moving through the pipeline. 

Also - an experienced high-volume staffing firm offers invaluable insight and expertise on what candidates are looking for with long-term positions. Your provider can consult with you to identify the reasons behind your high turnover rate and develop a strategy to make better long-term hires. 

Contact Bear Staffing today to learn more about why you may be the cause of high turnover at your company — and what steps you can take to lower it. 

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