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5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Recruiting

5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Recruiting


With the rise of the millennial generation, the strategy on how to recruit the best talent has changed and is persistently evolving. The days of relying on a Rolodex filled with potential candidates or waiting on a “help wanted” ad response to be snail-mailed are long gone. Social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become ultimate game changers for recruiters and human resource professionals alike, offering a fast and more efficient way to reach and land today's top talent. Overall, social media as a whole has changed the recruiting process in the following five ways.

    1. The Human Factor

Fielding through hundreds of emails encompassing resumes similar in appearance with unvaried skills make it difficult for potential candidates to stand out to recruiters. LinkedIn profiles allow for recruiters to get visuals of who  candidates are through their photo and bio.

On the contrary, just as a recruiter is thoroughly researching potential employees, job seekers are investigating an array of companies to discover where they would fit best. Utilizing LinkedIn or Facebook to develop a consistently updated company page is beneficial to have when reaching out to qualified candidates since these mediums can provide an inside look at the company and its employees. These qualified candidates tend to follow brands they feel they connect with on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or through blogs, and might be more likely to keep an eye out on job postings within companies they are connected to.

    1. Transparency

What candidates choose to post on various social media sites can say a lot about them. Some job seekers go as far as airing their dirty laundry online, thus giving employers a look into the job seekers they may not want on their team. On a more positive side, Linkedin recommendations can give hiring managers a look into what type of worker a candidate is and which skills they excel at.

    1. Instant Gratification

With social media, you get national reach, and you get it instantly. If you're looking to fill a job in your New Jersey office, you have the option to run a Facebook ad targeting New Jersey (being sure to add other relevant terms). Instantly, you can reach people in New Jersey. Looking to fill a position in your Canada or Bangladesh offices? Facebook Advertising offers targeting for these countries, too. Job applicants can instantly apply to your positions online and your candidate search can be over before you know it.

  1. Online Portfolios

    I see this more in the creative services industry - graphic designers and writers for example, are displaying their work online. In their resume they are including links to their online portfolios. While some job candidates still have those paper portfolios, online portfolios give hiring managers a deeper look into candidates prior to an interview. Linkedin profiles also serve as a resume in themselves, often including details of job duties that can be overwhelming on a one or two page resume.

  2. Networking Made Easy

    Social media in itself is about building relationships. The more people you have in your network, the more people can learn about your need for a position. Social media allows users to connect with people they would like to do business with. Grow your network.

    Post your need for your various positions online. Ask your connections if they can recommend someone.

Speaking of building social media networks, let's connect on Facebook. We often post the jobs we are looking to fill and provide many insights into trends within the staffing & recruiting industry. 


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