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4 Strategies to Improve Your High Volume Hiring

High volume recruitment has always been a trying task, even for the most seasoned of organizations and internal hiring departments. 

But those that have proven, data-backed high volume practices, whether it’s for seasonal needs, staffing a new location, or fighting back against an influx of turnover, enjoy a distinct competitive advantage.  

Below, we’ll cover some of the most advantageous approaches to high volume staffing that can help your business gain an edge and stay competitive, no matter what’s thrown your way. 


Chatbots have already been chatting away for a while, but as this technology rapidly improves, conversations with website visitors are now much more effective and resourceful than even just a year ago. Chatbots are capable of quickly collecting information such as resumes, contact information, answers to screening questions, and more. All of this is done without being a direct timesink on internal recruiters, increasing your screening potential exponentially

Smarter Job Advertising

Due to the extremely time-consuming nature of high volume hiring, the more you can automate, the better. Programmatic job advertising can save recruiters massive amounts of time by automating much of the manual job ad buying process. This time-saving tech leverages real-time data, analytics, machine learning, and AI to make accurate buying decisions and optimize jobs ads in a matter of seconds. Hiring managers can set desired parameters like specific qualifications, experience, or availability, and then leave the rest up to the software, enabling them to focus on higher-level decision making.  

Make Your Application Process as Simple as Possible

If 50% of job seekers cite lengthy job applications as their biggest deterrent to following through with an application, then no matter how much you leverage programmatic job advertising and chatbots to improve your sourcing, your results won’t be that much better. In the age of convenience, it’s imperative that you spend meaningful time examining your application process to improve accessibility and remove redundancies. If you lose a potential candidate, don’t let the reason be because your application process was outdated or unnecessarily time consuming. 

Keep Your Talent Pipeline Warm

Even if a certain candidate isn’t a great fit for an immediate role, doesn’t mean they won’t be for another one down the road. 

The resumes you acquire, even if they don’t lead to an immediate hire, are still valuable to maintain. Talent rediscovery software can help you mine for unexpected gold by identifying past applicants that may now be entirely suitable for a new position. Furthermore, candidates who have already engaged with your brand are much more likely to be interested in a new role and take less time to hire than others. Once again, it’s important to note that this is another entirely automated process that takes little toll on your teams. 

Bear Staffing

At Bear Staffing, we believe that high volume shouldn’t lead to lower expectations. Our team of experienced staffing professionals, in-depth screening process, and wide-reaching network of candidates allows us to consistently exceed our client’s expectations.

As one of the nation’s fastest-growing privately held staffing firms, we attribute our success to our team of experienced staffing professionals, our in-depth process for screening candidates, and our unique approach to staffing. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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