3 Critical Leadership Skills for Manufacturing Executives

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Have previous manufacturing executives at your company struggled to keep the staff on task? Have certain employees shown a clear lack of respect for management? If so, it's important to hire an effective leader dedicated to improving your workforce. Working in the manufacturing industry means executives are responsible for leading both skilled workers and management team members in various departments. Their leadership skills will dictate how motivated, productive and loyal employees will be, so it's important that they understand how to handle themselves in virtually any situation.

Here are three critical leadership skills to look for when hiring a manufacturing executive:

  1. Ability to assert themselves like the boss or leader.

Good leaders know there is a difference between asserting oneself and being aggressive or even hurtful. All employees should be encouraged to speak up and defend their position, but also understand that the boss may be assertive and challenge them. Challenging an employee or giving orders requires a certain level of professionalism in order for it to be effective. Strong leaders are not afraid to speak up, make changes, and communicate with staff members when needed. They extend their power when appropriate, and step back when it is unnecessary.

  1. Ability to be transparent with staff members.

Being direct, honest and forthright is not a sign of weakness or lack of composure. In fact, this is a sign of a good leader because they feel it's necessary to work in a transparent workplace. This involves setting high standards that do not tolerate office gossip, workplace drama and other destructive behaviors in the workplace. Instead, the leader encourages clear and open communication between staff members and managers so everybody is heard, acknowledged, and appropriate action is taken when necessary. Candidates who exhibit this quality will be able to share past experiences where they have helped manufacturing teams work together effectively, delegated tasks without resistance, and led their team to success.

  1. Ability to connect with employees on a personal level.

Strong leaders nurture their professional relationships with a professional touch. They are proactive about learning about their employees and people they work with, without violating personal boundaries. They are able to exude warmth and respect, and can establish a sense of trust without saying a word. Candidates who demonstrate an ability to get along with others and connect with people on a personal level make great leaders because staff naturally want to follow them and listen to them. Whether you are filling a position in a manufacturing plant or warehouse floor, you need to hire a manufacturing executive who will be willing to form personal yet professional bonds with their team.

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Key Takeaways:
  • Strong leaders know how to assert themselves effectively without offending or crossing professional boundaries
  • Leaders need to be transparent with staff members
  • Good leaders are able to connect with employees on a personal level

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